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About E.D.E.

The E.D.E. is an international umbrella organisation representing national associations for directors and providers of long-term care services in Europe.One of its major tasks is to promote the exchange of information and experience among its members and facilitate mutual learning. As professionals we seek to improve the quality of care and supervision.To do so it is important to look beyond our own "national noses". Common training standards, reciprocal visits and observation, congresses and symposia all foster professionalism among care home directors and a greater understanding of the various forms of care and assistance. Creating humane living and working conditions in our homes is a vision toward which we are mutually striving in the E.D.E.


Press release EAN

September 25, 2019

Two European Associations created EUROPEAN AGEING NETWORK (EAN)

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Text about EDE BOOKLET.

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15th Congress of the E.D.E.

A combined event of the E.D.E. and TZMO Foundation comes to life in Toruń, on 27.09.2017! This is already the 20th International Long-Term Care Conference in Toruń, organized by the TZMO's Foundation. This is also the year of E.D.E.'s 15th Congress, so it is only natural that the two most significant events should join their forces.

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1st joint E.D.E - EAHSA Congress in 2018

The 1st joint EDE and EAHSA Congress will take place in Prague, the capital city of Czech Republic, the heart of Europe and one of the ten safest countries in the world.

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"E.D.E. NEWS" (former E.D.E. Vision) is the electronic newsletter of the E.D.E. The publication provides regular information on current developments in European care homes for the elderly and spotlights projects of the E.D.E. and its members associations. The newsletter also functions as a platform for the E.D.E. to express its position on current issues in elderly care. In add ition "E.D.E. NEWS" serves all member associations as a forum for exchanging experiences and information.

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The E.D.E. considers it one of its main tasks to supply its members and interested care service providers with extensive information on developments and trends in the care sector. An important forum in this respect is provided by the E.D.E. Congresses, which take place every two years in various European cities.

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