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A combined event of the E.D.E. and TZMO Foundation comes to life in Toruń, on 27.09.2017! This is already the 20th International Long-Term Care Conference in Toruń, organized by the TZMO's Foundation. This is also the year of E.D.E.'s 15th Congress, so it is only natural that the two most significant events should join their forces.

If you are a care home director, work in the field of long-term care or manage a team of care-givers, this event is for you. You will learn about new trends and solutions and get the chance to meet the experts in that field. Over a thousand professionals, just like you, will have a chance to establish new connections and create the future of long-term care.

You should also come and see the historic city of Toruń, with its Unesco World heritage-listed city centre. This is a perfect place for your city break over the weekend after the event. You won't be disappointed.

You can find more information about the congress here.            

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